21 Things To Do During Your Beach Holiday Phillip Island Accommodation!

1.      Enjoy a long walk and discover the hidden beach and inlet – walk East

2.      Play a game of cricket on the beach or on the quiet road

3.      Grab the fishing rods and try your luck for whiting/flathead/elephant fish

4.      Walk out at low tide

5.      Take the beach chair, book & sunglasses and sit in the water on low tide

6.      Get up early and experience the sunrise

7.      Watch the sand crabs on low tide

8.      On low tide at night – put on the waders and hunt for garfish

9.      Make a sand castle or two or even build a sand car (take the shovel)

10.  Relax and unwind while sunbaking on a towel

11.  Watch your favourite movie in the cinema room

12.  Take the push-bikes for a ride

13.  Sit on the balcony with your favourite drink

14.  Fire up the BBQ and cook up a beach feast

15.  Sit in the reading room and enjoy a relaxing read

16.  Take the boogie boards and hit the beach

17.  Enjoy the local birds

18.  Take the kayak for a long journey

19.  Walk to the local café and enjoy brunch or coffee and cake

20.  Take the camera on sunrise and sunset and capture the moments

21.  Sleep in

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