BEAN there done that! The hunt for the perfect Phillip Island latte…

As part of the modern fully furnished heaven that is Silverdreams Beach House, you get to wake up to espresso fit for the gods from our very own Delonghi Nespresso coffee machine. But if you’re a roving macchiato-maniac you’re like us and love to scope out new cafes and check out the barista culture of towns, you’d better read through our top three coffee spots in Phillip Island…


Located in San Remo, BEANd is our absolute favourite at the moment! A cosy, quaint, funky little cafe where you would have to have will-power made of steel to resist pairing one of their wonderful cold-brew coffees with a fluffy, warmed croissant, a serve of their housemade pikelets or a devilish slice of their gourmet fudge.

Mad Cowes Cafe and Food Store

How can you say no to a spot on the Esplanade this good? The view isn’t as good as ours, but it’s not bad! Mad Cowes Cafe and Food Store is super popular with the Phillip Island local and tourist breakfast crews, but we love them simply for their ability to smash out a beautiful flat white!

Blue Bamboo Cafe

A new cafe on the scene compared to most others, Blue Bamboo use Crave coffee beans to deliver perfect, punchy espressos as you take in the fresh beach breeze. You’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland if you’re a tea drinker, sipping a spot of Earl Grey from one of their gigantic soup-bowl-sized tea cups!