Stressed Out? 7 Ways to Cut Out Stress & Save Your Life

How do you tune out, chill out, let the weight off your shoulders and live a stress free life – well at least most of the time?

Juggling work – life balance, family, work commitments and relationships (and kids) can take its toll.

Do you pour a glass of wine or crack open a stubby straight after work?  Do you hit the couch, watch the TV after a long and stressful day?  Ongoing stress can be dangerous.  People can lose connection with the outside world – become depressed and suffer anxiety problems.  Headaches, poor eating, interrupted sleep and total exhaustion can be ‘after affects’ of stress.

So how do we prevent or address ‘STRESS’?

1.  Take a break.  A short trip away to a beach house in Phillip Island can do wonders!  Escape from the ‘rat race’ and move away from routine.

2.  Take a long walk along the beach.  Get up early while others are still sleeping and take a casual stroll along Silverleaves beach – let the hassle’s at home and work.

3.  Take a morning ‘skinny dip’.  Yes, get outside – take a walk down the quiet beach and take those clothes off and jump in.  You’d be surprised at the level of calmness this provides.

4.  Eat healthy – eating clean fresh foods starting from the world ‘go’ or breakfast will provide you with more energy, relax the mind and body and set you up for a positive day.  Forget the bacon and eggs.  Take on a health smoothie – that is water, banana, berries, nuts, silver beet and put in a blender.  Drink wisely …. it makes you naturally happy!

5.  Learn to breathe.  Slow down your breathing.  Inhale and exhale slowly.  Deep controlled breaths will be your new ‘de-stresser’.  Sit quietly on the Silverleaves beach and breathe.  Relax the mind – relax the body.

6.  Stretch.  Get out onto the beach – take a towel or exercise mat from the beach house in Phillip Island and spend 20-30 minutes stretching each day.  Lying on your back stretch the lower back, legs, neck, back and other body parts.  Hopefully the sun is shining and all you can hear is the birds and the gentle lapping of the waves.  Try stretching in the fresh salt water.

7.         Be happy.  Think about all the wonderful things in your life right now.  Your family, friends and other relationships.  Be grateful.  This is a very positive strategy which deletes the negativity in your life.  Don’t focus on the bad stuff but only on the good aspects.

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